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Increase your intuition, self-awareness, and magnetism in 40 days

Unlock the spiritual medicine, magic, and divine guidance hidden within Tarot. This digital tarot course is self-paced; great for both intermediate and beginner readers. If you're interested in learning Tarot for practical and powerful life application this course is perfect for you. 


Basic Digital Course Package only $97 includes:

  • Tarot Medicine: Our 110 paged Six-week Course Workbook
  • Daily and Weekly assignments to sharpen your intuition. 
  • Intuitive and practical exercises to strengthen your Tarot skills.
  • Access to 12 hours of class lectures: raw and unedited footage from a virtual six-week workshop series featuring Roxsanne Phoenix as facilitator and six intuitively gifted students.
  • 180-day access to Tarot Medicine Interactive classroom* 


Gold Package Includes: $397

  • Includes basic package
  • + (1) 30 min 1-on-1 Q& A: get your questions answered after you complete your coursework. 
  • Lifetime access to Tarot Medicine Interactive classroom* 


VIP Package Includes: $997

  • Includes basic package
  • + (6) 30 min 1-on-1 Q& A: get your questions answered each week as you complete your coursework. 
  • + Includes Reiki Level 1 Certification: Self-Treatment Initiation
  • Lifetime access to Tarot Medicine Interactive classroom* 


Instructions on how to access course videos, classrooms, and materials are located in your digital course guide. You will receive this guide once you complete your purchase.


  • Week 1: The Major Arcana 

We explore the Major Arcana in great detail. You will learn how to read yourself for self-healing and intuitive guidance using the Major Arcana only. You'll also learn how to assign your intuitive meaning to each card.


  • Week 2: Court Cards, Suits, and Numbers 

Let's dive into the Court Cards, Suits, and Numbers. You'll learn how to identify details and add depth to tell a story to yourself and others. You'll practice telling an intuitive story using a simple past-present-future spread. 


  • Week 3: Divination & Spreads

We review various spreads and how to create your own for spiritual guidance, divination, and reflection.


  • Week 4: Herbs & Hidden Symbolism

We discuss herbal associations and discover hidden symbolism. I'll share personal connections I've made over the last 20 yrs using the Tarot.


  • Week 5: Intuition & Working With Your Spiritual Guides and Ancestors

You'll learn how to trust your intuition and build a spiritual bridge to communicate with your higher self, spirit, spirit guides, ancestors and divine consciousness. 


  • Week 6: Using Tarot for Practical Magic

You'll learn a few practical and effective ways Tarot can be used to receive intuitive direction, empowerment, and guidance to manifest your dreams in real life. 



* as long as this product is available.

Tarot101 Course - Self Paced

  • This course will teach you how to use Tarot to

    • Manifest Abundance
    • Attract what you Desire
    • Protect Yourself
    • Enchant your Self-Care Practice
    • Spark transformative Communion with Your Divine Self
    • Encourage Self-Healing
    • Identify Opportunities 
    • Win At Life

    About Me

    I've have been reading and working with Tarot for over 20 years. I received my first deck at age 13 shortly after my mothers passing. To be honest I was kind of born this way. I've been able to see and communicate with spirits since the age of five. Within the last twenty years I have nurtured the following psychic skill sets; mediumship, claircognizance, clairsentience, clairempathy, clairaudience, and clairvoyance. I initially cultivated these skills for my own self-healing, empowerment, and success. In 2012 after an NDE (Near Death Experience) due to Ectopic Pregnancy, my sensitivities increased dramatically and I could no longer resist Spirits calling. I,ve  been reading and sharing this gift with others ever since. I provide spiritual services not only online but in-person on select days at Aum Shanti Bookshop, Original Product's Botanica, and an office in Union Square in New York City. 

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