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Healing & Manifesting With Roxsanne

Intuitive Tarot Reader

Life Coaching with a Metaphysical Twist

Intuitive Therapy

My approach to Tarot is one of healing, insight, and action. I provide spiritual insight as well as practical advice to improve your current situation. I consider my approach to be therapeutic, transformative, compassionate, honest, and practical. I consider my method, Intuitive Therapy. It's an Intuitive and Healing approach to divination. 

As an Intuitive Therapist, I'm an intuitive counselor who works closely with clients on confidential private matters. I have spiritual access to detailed information, inspiration, and insight to further assist my clients while supporting them in their traditional therapy methods.


Many clients become interested in honing their intuitive skills to further their personal growth. As they develop these intuitive skills they feel more independent and optimistic about the future. They become more confident in relating to others and trusting them self.

The primary focus during an intuitive therapy session is to help clients work through specific personal concerns so that a “breakthrough” is possible just as it would be in traditional counseling. The intuitive abilities of the therapist or counselor brings the client to a greater level of insight, inner peace, and a sense of direction. In addition, practical metaphysical treatments may be suggested to improve and enhance the client's life. 

PHNX LVX Healing Method

The PHNX LVX (Phoenix Light) Healing method is an Etheric Energy healing therapy personalized and designed to harmonize, cleanse, and restore positive vibrations within the subtle body. Client's receive a full subtle body scan to determine where healing is necessary. Depending on your needs I channel and intentionally direct universal healing energy. This energy in collaboration with positive affirmation, prayer, and sound establishes a state of equilibrium, peace, and hope. The purpose of each session is to spark inner healing. Healing is expected to take place at a metaphysical level; consequently improving your well-being at a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. Each session includes a combination of Usui Reiki, Kemetic Womb Reiki. Healing Ray therapy, Affirmation, Crystals, and Chakra Methods based on your Scan.

Reiki (Usui) Healing is a Japanese healing technique. Japanese mantras are used to channel universal energy for healing. This energy is divinely guided and infinite. It goes where healing is needed most.


Womb Reiki is a Kemetic healing method focused on woman's reproductive healing. This method and certification is created by Sat-Ra SoDaye an Ifa Priestess of Oshun. Three ancient Kemetic symbols are used to harmonize, heal, activate, and purge energy within the womb. The Womb chakras and seven primary chakras are aligned for inner harmony and healing.

Chakra Healing is a form of healing used to harmonize the Chakra system. This system is believed to resonate with every component of our being. How our Chakra's function can identify physical, emotional, and mental dysfunction. Biji Seed Mantra's and Affirmations are used to stimulate, detox, clear, and balance the Chakra system. Your Chakras will undergo a clearing and activation process to improve well-being at a metaphysical level.

Crystal Healing blends the healing powers of crystals and Reiki to inspire metaphysical healing and self-improvement. Personalized crystals are purchased on your behalf to be used during this healing. Each crystal is shipped to you following your crystal healing attunement.

Appointments are scheduled by email after your purchase has been processed. No same-day appointments.

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