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Roxsanne + The Apothecary

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Roxsanne Phoenix

I'm an Intuitive Therapist, Alchemist, Spiritual Medium, Lightworker, Empath, Rootworker, and Claircognizant. My spiritual gifts have been cultivated through faith and practice; but for the most part, I was born this way. I've always been sensitive, strongly intuitive, able to see spirits and read the energy around me. At the age of twelve after my mother's passing, I received my very first Tarot deck. That is when my healing relationship with Tarot started, that was over twenty years ago. 

I specialize in Spiritual Counseling, Mediumship, Folk Magic Alchemical (Aura) and (Aroma) Energy Work. In communion with my guides and benevolent protectors, I created a spiritual therapy method I use called, Six Senses Therapy Method. I use this therapy method for Chakra Tuning, Cord-Cutting, and Past Life Integration. My aim is to clear, reset, activate, and harmonize the psychic energy within the mind, and etheric body of my clients. 

My greatest talent is my ability to help my clients turn pain into prosperity. I help them identify creative solutions and reveal opportunities for happiness and life fulfillment.

I'm motivated by my desire to raise Earth's vibration and empowering God's creations. I do this heart-centered work by providing holistic guidance, coaching services, metaphysical products, and hands-on healing to women and men. I wield my spiritual gifts and insights to create a sacred atmosphere for my clients; resulting in mind+body+soul synergy, inner healing, and the elimination of energetic blockages. 

I'm an ordained minister with a Bachelors's in Metaphysics and certified by AIHCP in meditation, chakra healing, and prosperity prayer methods. I'm also certified in Kemetic Womb Reiki and a (Usui) Reiki Master Level III. My personal spiritual practice is one that combines Christ Consciousness, African Traditional Religion (Santeria), and Spiritualism. I'm currently pursuing my Master's in Metaphysical Science & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Certification.

Natural Charm Apothecary

Natural Charm Apothecary is a metaphysical online boutique that provides spiritual products and services. Our products are crafted by hand, made to order, cruelty-free, and responsibly sourced.

Each product is designed to attract, harmonize and/or banish specific energy and/or condition.

Herbs, Flowers, Roots, Minerals, Rocks, Oils, Waters, and Resins have been selected and combined to bring forth the metaphysical frequency associated with a specific condition (i.e. Attract Money).

Services and Products by Natural Charm Apothecary: 

  • Intuitive Therapy, Spiritual Coaching & Energy Work

  • Spiritual Baths (Liquid)

  • Spiritual Baths (Dry Herb)

  • Metaphysical Fragrances/Ritual Oils

  • Fixed Candles

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