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Moi is a metaphysical fragrance crafted and designed with you in mind. Your natal chart and solar return charts are used to craft a signature scent just for you. When placing your order in the custom text area include: 


Full Name:


Birth Time:

Place of Birth: 

Current Favorite Scent: 


Metaphysical Perfume roll on's are oil-based (0.50 oz) and (1.0 oz)

Metaphysical Fragrance Spray have cosmetic alcohol base (1.7 oz)

The scents between roll-on & spray are close to identical.

Moi - Personalized Fragrance

  • Made with 110% Love & Light. These hand-crafted, multi-purpose, vibrational healing oils are designed to attract, harmonize and/or banish. Herbal, Floral, Roots, and Resin Oils have been selected and blended to draw forth the metaphysical and vibrational frequency associated with the specific condition (i.e. Attracting Money). Each oil is charged with Reiki, Prayer, Affirmation, Minerals, and Natural Charm. Charmed Oils can be applied directly to the body, added to your bath ritual, added to a mojo, to fix a candle.

    Do not ingest. Do not use if allergic to nuts.

    Picture: 2 oz bottle. Oil blend is proprietary. 

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