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In this course, you'll learn how to channel the Universal Healing Energy surrounding us at all times using Reiki. My goal is to provide students and clients with the tools to use Reiki for metaphysical healing, and overall wellness. My greatest hope is that Reiki empowers and inspires you to learn more about Reiki; and to share Reiki with others. 


Reiki (pronounced as RAY KEE) is Universal Life Force Energy. Reiki is the same energy source associated with chi, prana, the breathe of life, the laying of hands, collective healing energy, and source energy. Reiki is the uncorrupted abundant life source energy of the universe. 

Rei can be translated to mean soul, spirit, divine, wisdom, sacred, essence, and or mysterious power. Rei is the spiritual source. Ki can be translated to mean life force energy, cosmic, and or universal energy. Ki is the spiritual force. This method of healing takes place first metaphysically within the subtle energy body. As Reiki moves within the subtle energy body it promotes healing by removing energy blockages.


Reiki is not a cure for serious physical or mental health conditions; however, it can be used to comfort and bring peace to those who suffer with these conditions. During a Reiki healing session energy is channeled from the collective source through the practitioner and sent to the recipient through the “laying of hands”. This “laying of the hands” can occur in-person and/or through distant healing.


Reiki is an uncorrupted, benevolent and loving healing energy that is available for all to receive; this includes people, pets, plants, and even inanimate objects. As long as the individual is open and willing to receive this energy Reiki will go where it is needed most.


Reiki Level 1: Reiki Self Treatment Certification

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